Social Media Management Software for Your Insurance Agency

Paul Baccaro

November 11, 2022

Social Media Management Software for Your Insurance Agency

Social media for insurance agents can be a lead-generating bonanza, but you need the right tools to unleash social media’s potential.

Facebook, Twitter, and other social media channels can put your message in front of people who are ready to buy. They offer a host of potential advantages:

  • opening lines of communication with potential customers
  • improving your business’ reputation
  • targeting a wide audience
  • directing people to your website

In addition to spreading your message, social media is a way to find out how people in your community see you and your agency. Informal market research lets you know what might need to be changed and what should be emphasized.

Productive social media marketing requires a strategy, and there’s a lot to learn for the uninitiated. Posting no content at all is much better than posting the wrong content.  

If you’re looking to avoid the Land of Social Media Pitfalls, it’s good to have a helping hand. Social media management software is a necessity for many companies navigating seemingly endless streams of information. The right partner can be the difference between making a sale and losing one.

A social media manager oversees your agency’s online interactions on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and more. The right manager can assist with:

  • content creation
  • scheduling
  • data analysis
  • audience engagement 

Do an internet search for “social media management software,” and you’ll find a wide array of options available.

So, what should you consider when searching for software for your insurance agency?

The answer depends on you. Are you a social media genius? If so, you’ve already got things figured out. Maybe you should consider teaching a class. You probably could fill an auditorium.

If you’re one of the people wondering how to grab a seat for that genius lecture, keep reading for key points to consider on your way to social media success.

The Learning Curve

To start off, each social media platform has its own rules. Some are written and others are unwritten. It’s easy to get tripped up. You don’t need to make things more complicated by using complicated social media management software. 

So the question becomes, how much time do you want to spend to get up to speed?

If you’re focused on serving your clients and growing your agency, you’ll want to use social media tools that don’t require a steep learning curve on the front end.

A social media marketing company that offers a lot of features might be the right way to go. But do you really need all of those features? If you do, how long will it take to get the most out of them?


A simpler option could be better, depending on your comfort level and how much you want to spend.

Speaking of spending, more features generally cost more money. That is a fact of life.

If you’re the only person responsible for posting to social media, you might be able to handle all of your needs for about $50 a month. However, if other staff members will have posting duties, you’ll need to pay extra each month for multiple “seats” so everyone can use the system.

You want your insurance clients to know exactly what they’re paying for each month and why.  You should require the same upfront approach from a social media manager.  


As you seek out the right social media solution for you, think about the posts themselves:

  • Will the content be provided?
  • Will the company help to create content that’s appropriate for your business?

Remember, posting nothing is better than posting the wrong thing. An example would be putting out a meme featuring SpongeBob Squarepants with the words “Mondays, am I right?”

It might be fine for a personal account, but it doesn’t present you as a trusted expert when it comes to insurance. And if you do put out a picture of SpongeBob for your commercial use, it could be considered a copyright violation.

Some companies provide curated content, but make sure it represents you and your business in the best light. The point of advertising is to convince people that you’re the person to handle their insurance needs. Make no mistake—social media is advertising.

You don’t want to be seen as a friendly person. You want to be seen as a friendly and knowledgeable insurance agent who can:

  • Easily explain the difference between whole life and term life.
  • Intelligently discuss the finer points of personal watercraft insurance.
  • Compassionately explain why the rate for a male 16-year-old is higher than his twin sister’s rate.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of potential messages to post that can help potential customers understand the importance of insurance in their lives. 

Can the social media management software you choose create that content as part of your subscription?

Or are you or someone on your staff (with the cost of an additional seat) expected to create the content?

Get to Know Social Jazz

When it comes to ease of use, competitive pricing, and content creation, Social Jazz’s social media management software is specifically designed to serve the needs of insurance agents.

It takes about three minutes to set up with Social Jazz. You go through our catalog of posts and pick what you want to use. Next, you choose the platforms you want to include: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

We take it from there. We create the posts, schedule them, and get them in front of potential clients. So you can skip the lecture and look like a social media genius with only three minutes of effort. 

You don’t have to do anything more, but we send out an email to let you know about upcoming postings. You’re always free to make changes, but it’s not necessary.

There isn’t a learning curve for you or anyone else on your staff. In addition, you don’t have to buy extra “seats” for staff members.

Social Jazz keeps things easy. You can visit our website and sign up for a free 14-day trial to see what we can offer.

If it’s not a good fit — seems unlikely, but let’s go with it — you can walk away with no hard feelings. At least you tried, right?

But if you’re impressed with how our social media management software serves you and your agency, you’ll pay $99 per month for our Pro Version and $199 per month for Premium.

When you sign up for Premium, you get:

  • content created with subject matter experts
  • personalized content with your logo and colors
  • automatic content suggestions and updates when new content is created

Social Media Management Software for You

If you ask the internet about social media management, you’re going to be flooded with answers. But if you ask about social media management for insurance agencies, the field with clear out considerably.

Social Jazz is committed to helping agencies like yours take full advantage of social media marketing, generate leads, and grow their businesses. We realized early on that we didn’t need to be all things for all people. Instead, we focus on providing excellent service while meeting our customers’ specific needs.

If you want to unlock the potential of our social media management software, sign up here and give us a try. You’ll be glad you did.