About Us

We want our customers to be
proud of their social media.

So helping them keep their social media active and awesome is what we do.

Our Story

How did we get into the crazy business of social media management? Well….

Once upon a time there was a small business owner (AKA Paul). Every day, he did the countless tasks needed to run his business. One day he realized his company hadn’t posted to their social media in over 2 months and he felt troubled (and a little embarrassed). So he searched for tools to help them manage their social media and keep it active. Sadly, none of the tools truly took much work off their shoulders. Then, like a bolt of lightning, the idea for Social Jazz struck him. So he joined forces with his long-time colleague and developer whiz (AKA Matt) and started Social Jazz, Inc. The rest, as they say, is history.

But in case you want to learn more about us, we invite you to read on.

Our Passion & Obsession

Branding is our passion

Brands are so much more than logos and colors. They’re also each company’s unique story and personality. Our greatest joy is helping companies present their brand to the world. Nowadays what better way to do that than on social media. When done right, a company’s social media can make existing and potential customers know, love, and trust them.

Simplicity is our obsession

We live by the motto, “why make a customer do something if we can do it for them?” So we spend hours designing and coding to save our customers even a few seconds. We try to make even complex tasks like filling out a social media calendar nearly effortless. And it is this drive for simplicity that helps us develop great products.

Our Inspiration

We just enjoy creating products people love and find useful. We truly believe that if we build a good product that helps small businesses succeed, we will too. So we “geek out” over things like usability, user experience, and system performance.

Our Team

We’re home to some talented and amazing people. Like…
Paul Baccaro headshot
Paul Baccaro
CEO & Founder

Paul spent the past 20 years successfully taking multiple SaaS products from whiteboard to market and running operations. Prior to forming Social Jazz he was VP and General Manager of Coolfront by FieldEdge, a software company that served the mechanical trade industries.

Matt Smith headshot
Matt Smith
CTO & Founder

Matt has been writing software for 20+ years, and he has built several successful SaaS apps. He has worked as a Software Architect and User Experience Designer for companies of all sizes, and Matt has a bachelor’s in Computer Science and Mathematics

Jim D'Amico headshot
Jim D'Amico
Advisory Board Member

Jim spent his career serving consumer needs in the energy industry and as a software provider to the mechanical contracting industry. Jim’s SaaS business, Coolfront Technologies, was sold to Xplor in 2019. Jim has a BBA from St. John Fisher College in Rochester, New York.

Jim Whalen headshot
Jim Whalen
Advisory Board Member

Jim has spent his career in the financial sector, primarily in real estate lending and as an investment advisor. He has fostered several startups across a wide array of industries by providing expertise in finance and operations management. Jim has a BA from Otterbein University in Westerville, Ohio.

Steve Wehner headshot
Steve Wehner
Creative Consultant

Steve has over 25 years of design experience, and has been the Creative Director for numerous organizations. He is currently serving as Program Director and Associate Professor of Visual Communication Design at Nazareth College in Rochester, NY. As an elected member of the International Academy of Visual Arts, Steve judges several annual global marketing and design award competitions.

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Kimp logo

Kimp.io is a graphic and video design service which serves clients around the world, that range from: startups, to SMBs, to marketing agencies.

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Attriniti Consulting

Attriniti Consulting helps clients build a strong foundation for their business and develop effective tools to grow their companies.

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KAFL Insurance Resources is an innovative, employee-owned, insurance brokerage firm that helps financial advisors grow their business.

Our Values

Here’s a taste of the values that drive us:


We don’t have any job openings currently but we invite you to keep an eye on us
– our goal is to grow and hire great talent in the future.