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Last Updated January 19, 2023

Your Story, Your Brand

This episode features host Stacie King, and the wonderfully exuberant and fun Kimiko Donahue, CIC, Senior Agency Success Manager, with Openly discussing building a personal brand while promoting your business.

Kimiko is a wonderful example of how you can be your true self and a professional in the insurance industry. She’s also a Mother, a talented performer with an amazing voice, and a professional shooter! Join these two as they break down the basics and share tips on expanding your personal brand today!

The Power of Commenting on YouTube with Brandon Lee

The Power of Commenting on LinkedIn

Our special guest is Brandon Lee. Both Brandon and host Stacie King are located in Georgia. Brandon is a Father of Five, a Jeep owner who loves hiking & dad jokes. He’s also a fractional transformation leader who has worked with many organizations and clients.

Brandon focuses on training sales professionals, specifically social prospecting and social listening, which helps create more customer conversations faster. In this episode, these two discuss how strategic commenting is the most underutilized and effective sales and prospecting activity. Brandon shares its importance and how it can create more engagement and relationships with clients and prospects.

Over the last four or five years, Brandon has studied engagement and social selling techniques. His research proves that when we are active on social media through commenting, our profile, influence, and ability to create first conversations with ideal customers increase upwards of 200%.

In this digital and social era, commenting is the modern form of listening. You must let your network know you are listening and paying attention to what they share. Watch this episode, and learn how!

Content Marketing for the Service Industry

Content marketing expert Angela Kiel shares her best tips on how to get in front of your buyers on social media. Before BxB, Angela spent 20+ years in food service, customer service, and management.

Fun Fact: In Angela’s hospitality days, she cooked and served meals to Whitney Houston, Tilda Swinton, Ryan Gosling, Eva Mendes, Matt Smith, David Lynch, Tom Hiddleston, Richard Gere, the entire broadway cast of Les Miz, and more!

Join Angela to learn exactly what will move the needle when targeting new clients and how to keep your existing client base engaged.

Outline of topics:
Channels: FB, IG, Tiktok, YouTube, Podcasts
Content Ideas: Rule of 4, Post types and ideas Becoming a Subject Matter expert
Tools: Canva, Photoshop, Social Jazz, etc.
Content Calendars and reminders
Company Internal Process – Believe it from the top down. Reviews (on all platforms)

Creating a Podcast for Your Business

Episode Four of this podcast features a special guest, James Jenkins, the founder and CEO of RiskWell Insurance and the host of The Agency Freedom Podcast. James shares his wisdom and experience in the insurance industry, discussing the importance of building relationships with clients and finding solutions to fit their unique needs.

He also shares insights into how he has grown his business and created a successful podcast to help empower other insurance agents to do the same. Listeners will come away with a better understanding of the insurance industry and valuable advice on entrepreneurship and building a successful podcast.

James is a true believer in the power of podcasting to connect with people locally and online. He’s so passionate about it that he’s here to share his best tips for starting a podcast for your business. Trust us; this is an episode you don’t want to miss!