New partnership allows Insurance Agents to automate social media

Paul Baccaro

August 29, 2022

February 2021

KAFL Insurance Resources, Inc. and Social Jazz, Inc. have entered a strategic partnership that will help financial advisors across the country effectively increase their social media presence and educate consumers about the significance of insurance.

The move brings together an employee-owned insurance brokerage and a social-media guru so financial advisors can purchase a catalog of content created by insurance experts and post that content to their social media accounts on a platform designed by software developers who are obsessed with simplicity. The catalog is now available on the Social Jazz website. 

“With our 30 years of experience in this business, if there is one thing we have learned, it’s that efficient, informative communication is key to strong relationships,” says Lorrie Gibbons, KAFL’s president and principal. “I never could have guessed that the primary source of this communication would come through online social media sites. But it has, and we’re excited to provide resources to our advisors and partners that will make using this platform easy and engaging with our partnership with Social Jazz.” 

“Building trust with customers is key for any business but especially true for Advisors because they’re helping people with important financial decisions,” says Paul Baccaro, CEO of Social Jazz “So we’re thrilled to work with KAFL to help Advisors showcase their brand and boost credibility through effective social media.” 

KAFL prides itself on being an innovative resource that helps financial advisors grow their business, while Social Jazz offers an easy-to-use social media management tool that contains stylish, ready-made posts specific to different industries, plus posts for holidays, popular events and trending topics.