Life Insurance Awareness Month Marketing Ideas

Paul Baccaro

December 23, 2022

life insurance awareness month marketing ideas

Life insurance policies represent a critical service insurance companies provide their clients. At this point, you’re probably thinking, duh—tell us something we don’t know! Yet it might surprise you to learn that 106 million American adults do not believe they have adequate life insurance coverage.

Social media for insurance agents can play a major role in remedying that. Social media offers you the ability to reach billions worldwide. Leveraging your social media presence lets you give families the information they need about life insurance and how your insurance agency can help them.

Social media marketing campaigns give agencies a way to reach their policyholders and would-be clients alike with information about life insurance benefits, costs, and options, and to generate organic leads effectively.

What Is Life Insurance Awareness Month?

Agency owners know the importance of life insurance can’t be understated. That’s why September has been designated “life insurance awareness month.” This is an opportunity to bring awareness to an issue that can be life-changing for many.

Here’s the good news—you have almost a year to plan for the maximum effectiveness of your social media campaign. Meanwhile, Social Jazz has advice for you on how to generate the most leads with your social media content.

We’re talking about life insurance awareness month, but keep in mind these strategies can be applied to any month-long campaign throughout the year.

The two most effective campaign posts do one of the following:

  • Inform/educate. 
  • Tell a story.

Let’s take a detailed look at how the best life insurance awareness month marketing ideas can benefit your agency.

Make It a Month-Long Campaign

Use any event as an opportunity to build audience connection with a month-long campaign, rather than a one-off post. A month’s worth of carefully planned and curated content will generate more traffic than a single post, which means more potential leads.

For life insurance awareness month, you can use these multiple posts to highlight different aspects of life insurance.

When running a multi-week campaign like this, the key to generating more leads is consistency, consistency, consistency.

How many posts does it take to build that all-important consistency?  According to Hootsuite, the numbers are:

  • On Instagram, post between 3-7 times per week.
  • On Facebook, post between 1 and 2 times a day.
  • On Twitter, post between 1 and 5 Tweets a day.
  • On LinkedIn, post between 1 and 5 times a day.

By following these metrics, you make your campaign a prominent part of your audience’s social media interactions without overwhelming them with too much content.

life insurance awareness month marketing ideas

Life Insurance Awareness Month Marketing Ideas that Educate or Inform

Insurance agents work to better people’s lives by helping them keep themselves and their families protected. Providing life insurance keeps communities from falling into financial hardship in times of trouble. To make sure you have the biggest impact possible, agencies need to educate and inform as many people as they can about their options when coming up with life insurance awareness month marketing ideas.

These types of posts should focus on educating or informing rather than pushing services with a direct sales approach.

For instance, one type of life insurance awareness month marketing idea might be to highlight the need for life insurance in the post-COVID-19 era.

By placing a focus on producing this kind of inbound marketing, you give would-be policyholders and current clients valuable information, which helps them form a meaningful connection with your agency. When you position your agency as the go-to source of information for clients’ needs and options, what better sales pitch could you make than that?

These types of posts can educate on not only why you should have life insurance but also different types and coverage.

An effective life insurance awareness month marketing strategy might cover:

  • Different types of life insurance
  •  Why clients need life insurance
  • Factors that impact coverage
  • How much insurance a client needs based on circumstances

Educational or informative posts can give people the knowledge they need to protect their families. But to really drive home the human connection between you and your audience, you can add story-based content to your campaign as well.

Life Insurance Awareness Month Marketing Ideas that Tell a Story

Life insurance isn’t just some academic topic. As you know from interacting with your clients day in and day out, these issues affect real people and their loved ones.

With story-based content, you can highlight that human value and connection. Specific stories could showcase the real impact on those who don’t have life insurance, or you might highlight a time when someone’s coverage protected them.

Clients will be more personally invested in your services when they can see themselves in your stories.

An effective life insurance awareness month marketing idea can be to highlight a series of stories like this throughout the month. Unfortunately, life insurance can sometimes be tied to negative stories. After all, protecting families in the event of a personal loss is why life insurance exists.

However, although negative stories are part of it, you can also tell these stories with a positive takeaway. You’re showing that you care about your community and want to offer solutions. Stories are powerful and you can use them as a way to drive home the campaign.

By illustrating the impact life insurance can have on individuals, you can make people feel empowered to make the right policy decisions.

life insurance awareness month marketing ideas

Need a Campaign Manager?

Running an insurance agency and getting the word out to find new clients means juggling multiple responsibilities. You don’t always have the time required to build and manage a social media campaign from scratch.

Did you know software can help you form and automate these campaigns?

For instance, you might’ve noticed we mentioned Hootsuite above. But here’s how we think Social Jazz can be the best solution for your insurance agency’s social media management needs.

Social Jazz is more affordable. While competitors offer a range of options for automated social media posting, Social Jazz does so in a streamlined and focused fashion at a reasonable price. Our $99 and $199 per month plans let you automatically publish on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Our user-friendly software makes social media posting as easy as possible while being easy on your wallet as well.

Social Jazz is built with insurance agencies in mind. Social Jazz understands the insurance industry. We’re dedicated to tailoring our services to the industries we represent, and our subject matter experts help us produce content for you that will get your message across and generate meaningful leads.

Social Jazz’s scheduling engine builds a calendar for you. Other solutions require you to build your own posting calendar, which is time consuming. Social Jazz just asks you for a few details based on our catalog, and then we do the rest.

Branding Is Easy with Social Jazz. Unlike other solutions, you won’t need to dedicate time and resources to nailing down social media branding for your agency. Once you provide your logo and colors, our automated Branding Engine adjusts the colors and presentation of our content to you.

Build Success with Social Jazz Right Out of the Box. While many social media solutions offer a laundry list of features you need specialized training to master, Social Jazz is designed for you to use immediately and start building a successful campaign from day one. The solutions we offer are industry-specific and proven effective, rather than trying to offer an overwhelming amount of options that make social media marketing needlessly complicated.

Social Jazz has multiple posts within the month as well as reminders of important dates on the horizon. You know when insurance awareness days—as well as other important dates—come up each year. When you use Social Jazz, you’ll never get caught off guard.

Social Jazz also allows you to supplement your personalized month-long content schedule with those personalized stories.If you want to learn more about how Social Jazz can help with your life insurance awareness month marketing ideas, try us for free! So long for now, friends.