You’re Going to Love This: Expert Content, Personalized Design, and Social Media Scheduler All-in-One!

Social media scheduler

Hey, we at Social Jazz would love to be able to promise that all our social media posts will go viral — wouldn’t that be nice? But our social media scheduler for insurance agents is focused on a more practical goal: engaging your current and potential customers.

Our origin story starts with a hard-working man confused about the best way to use social media for his business. Imagine him pounding away at his keyboard, pulling out his hair, and trying to figure out what Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook wanted from him.

More importantly, why wasn’t there a company in the great expanse of the internet with the answers he needed?

After spending some time thinking about the challenges he was facing, he had an epiphany: If social media stuff was confusing for him, it’s probably confusing for everybody else.

Out of his frustration, Social Jazz was born with a passion for branding and an obsession for simplicity.

 Since then, we’ve worked day and night (to be fair, mostly day) to make it easy for our clients to connect on social media with content that’s

  • engaging
  • relevant
  • informative

We really do mean easy. When you connect with Social Jazz, we take over the process of scheduling your posts for a year. You’re free to make changes any time you wish, but it’s also possible to put things in motion and never deal with them again.

We’re talking about full automation, so you’re free to focus on what you do best.

What Sets Social Jazz Apart?

So what does all this mean for your insurance agency?

That’s a great question. Let’s dive in.

Social media scheduler

Social Jazz software generates social media content with creative calls to action, captivating captions, influential hashtags, well-written text, enticing images, and images stylized with your brand’s logo and company colors.

We do all that in unique ways that set us apart in the crowded world of social media marketing companies:

After that last point, you might feel challenged to read to the end, so you have a baseline time to compare with our onboarding process. It’s only fair, so we invite you to read along and learn more about what we can do for you and your agency.

social media schedular

Expert Content

The way we see it, your business has to be as important to you as ours is to us. Since we focus on serving insurance agencies and the good people who run them, the ins and outs of running a business like yours are crucial to our continued existence and prosperity.

But what do we know?

We know how to ask questions of the right people. We find subject matter experts, who help us glean the topics insurance agents are talking about and uncover the questions customers are likely to have.

Not wanting to leave things to chance, we check with people who know the business inside and out. They’re our brain trust and partners. They know the ins and outs of insurance, and we quiz them for all they’re worth:

  • What should we be covering?
  • What’s missing?
  • What else do we need?

So they fill us in on topics like income protection, property & casualty, retirement planning, coverage types, annuities, and beyond. We use what we learn to build potential posts for our social media scheduler.

Before we send any post to your customers and potential customers, we go back to the brain trust and ask another important question—“Did we hit the mark with this one?”

If the answer is “No,” we go back to the drawing board to rework it, or we scrap it altogether and start over. If we get a “Yes,” we add the new post to our catalog, so it can be inserted into our customers’ social media posting schedules.

Look, we like to have a good time at Social Jazz. We experiment and play around with words and ideas. One of our core values is Lightheartedness. It’s right there with Simplicity, Integrity, and Accountability.

The fact that we like to enjoy ourselves along the way doesn’t mean we aren’t thorough. We follow a strict “ABCD” process when creating posts that will represent you in the best light and help grow your agency.

Our guiding principles when working with our subject matter experts to develop content are:

  • A—Answer your consumers’ questions.
  • B—Help them Buy whatever products and services you offer.
  • C—Connect with them through your brand, things you post about, pictures of your team, and more.
  • D—Encourage customers to Discover new information they might not have considered, such as, “What is an umbrella policy?”

Our process has helped us generate a catalog of fresh, industry-related content designed to engage current and potential customers across a variety of social media platforms. We’re unaware of any other company that goes to such lengths for their clients.

But wait, there’s more.

To be fair, we don’t know you yet. We’re near the beginning of our relationship, but if you were to sign up with Social Jazz, we’d like to invite you to lend your voice. You know your business, so we’d ask you questions and get to know what matters most to you.

The more we learn, the more we can tailor specific messages to be broadcast by our social media scheduler.

If you don’t deal with Medicare supplement insurance, we’ll steer clear of the topic. If you’re an expert on property & casualty insurance, we’ll ensure people know you’re who to see.

You’re the expert on your business. We’re the experts on spreading the good word.

Social media scheduler

Personalized Design

Your answers to our questions prime the pump of our engagement process. Our catalogs contain potential posts that will meet many of your needs, but not until they undergo some changes.

We have three styles of posts available to our clients:

  • photographic
  • illustrated
  • typographic

They cover a variety of insurance-related topics to serve your needs. You’re also free to choose other ways of engaging people. A Christmas or Hanukah message from your agency in December is always good for spreading cheer.

Perhaps there’s a social cause you want to support, or you wish to send messages in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month or Distracted Driving Awareness Month.

If you’re in a sports town, you might want to post a shoutout to your favorite team and connect with like-minded fans.

Our system randomizes posts, but we’re always conscious of the season. Your customers won’t hear about snowmobile insurance in July or swimming pool coverage in January.

For almost every item in our catalog, we can integrate your logo and colors, so it’s clear to all who visit Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram that the message came from you.

To get back to the lightheartedness for a second, we like to guess the colors you want to use based on how they appear on your logo. We have a pretty good batting average. If we get it wrong, we can always change it to match your needs, but we like to test ourselves.

Once the logo is in place and the colors approved, we can drop them into almost any post.

Here’s a neat trick. Let’s say one of the posts you’ve chosen is a photo featuring a guy in a green hat, but your company color is red. We can change the hat from green to red.

As mentioned before, we at Social Jazz have a passion for branding and an obsession with simplicity. The hat trick hits the sweet spot between the two.

It’s another way we make sure your posts are distinct from everyone else’s. Social Jazz doesn’t do cookie-cutter.

To be clear, we’re also about breaking down barriers for our customers. Our social media scheduler for insurance agents can be completely automated, but as a Hootsuite alternative, there’s always room for you to change posts or upload your content. We exist to get your message across. It doesn’t matter if it comes from our catalog or your imagination.

The long and the short of it is that you get personalized content from Social Jazz. We had our math geeks run the numbers. You have a one-in-a-million chance of generating the same content as one of your competitors. How do you like those odds?

Social Media Scheduler

Okay, so we’ve asked questions and gotten answers, and then we’ve jumped head-first into designing the messages you want to send into cyberspace.

The next step is our publishing engine. We are exceedingly proud of this baby. It’s where a slew of social media scheduling tools come together to put your stuff out there with style:

  • The publishing engine chooses the best days and times for your social media to run.
  • An intelligent algorithm schedules an entire year of your content.
  • As Social Jazz adds new content, the social media scheduler sorts through them to find new posts for you.
  • It also suggests topics you might not have considered, but that could directly impact your policyholders, such as, “Steps to Prepare for Tornado Season” or “Rental Insurance Makes Good Sense and Cents.”
Social media scheduler

With social media automation, posts are randomized throughout the year. How will you know which will run and when?

That’s another great question. The answer is another example of our obsession with simplicity.

We’ll send you an email each week. It won’t be for that week, but rather two weeks out so you have time to plan whatever changes you want to make before things run.

You also might decide to scan our catalog and sign up for new categories. Social Jazz will plug those into your calendar without breaking a sweat.

Find Your Rhythm with Social Jazz 

We orchestrate relationships, not music. Our well-crafted content will keep your social media active and awesome.

And easy.

We’re with you every step of the way. We have live chat available during the signup process, and you can ping our support mailbox as often as you need. A full set of help docs are there to guide you.

We want everything to be self-explanatory, so if you put someone else in charge of your social media marketing, they can get to work with no learning curve to overcome.

We’re Here for Your Insurance Agency

We hope you’ve had your stopwatch going because we’re reaching the end. As you can see, we’re a unique social media management tool that can take the worry out of engaging with your customers in cyberspace.

We offer peace of mind by:

  • Quizzing our subject matter experts to ensure we craft practical messages that will resonate with you and your customers. We’re also happy to pull from your experience.
  • We make sure your posts are unique to you. After pulling from our catalog, we apply your logo and colors and post content as distinctive as you are.
  • Once all the decisions have been made, we schedule your content for a full year. You also have the option of taking a more hands-on approach to your content at any time during the process because you deserve it.

Social media is a necessary part of doing business, but you don’t have to be an expert. Delegate the job to Social Jazz, and we’ll deliver engaging, relevant, and informative content to your customers and potential customers. And who knows? If the stars align, you might even go viral.

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