Social Jazz joins Service Nation

Paul Baccaro

September 16, 2022

Service Nation welcomes their newest Preferred Partner

Service Roundtable Preferred Partner logo

Now this, you’re gonna love — a tool that takes one task off your marketing to-do list. Maybe you’re letting your social media marketing slide because 1) it takes time – time you don’t have; 2) it’s hard to come up with ideas to post, and 3) it’s not mission-critical. But you know you should be on social media because it’s where your customers, prospects, and competitors are every day.

No worries. Service Nation has partnered with Social Jazz to help you automate your social media marketing. Social Jazz automatically schedules, writes, designs, brands and publishes HVAC-related content to your social media accounts. It’s like having a social media marketer on staff. One who helps make sure your hard-earned reputation is shared the right way.

Social Jazz only takes minutes to set up. No long onboarding, no team training. Plus, there’s no setup fee, no cancellation fee, and no annual contract, just pay month-to-month. Sign up and get a 14-day Free Trial.

Roundtable Rewards members can earn a rebate of up to 12% on eligible purchases. For detailed information please visit their Roundtable Rewards page or contact Paul Baccaro at or 585.205.8636 for more details.