Platform Creates Social Media Plan For Businesses In Seconds Complete With Post Designs

Paul Baccaro

September 16, 2022

November 1, 2021

Recently, Social Jazz introduced a new, automated way for businesses to keep their social media active. With this new platform, businesses easily fill up their social media calendar with posts by picking topics and events from a catalog. Social Jazz then automatically creates a social media plan for an entire year complete with ready-to-post content containing images, captions and hashtags.  

“The number one Golden Rule of social media is to be present and active,” said Paul Baccaro, Social Jazz CEO. “But so many businesses lack the time and resources to post regularly. Now, they can get a dynamic social media plan instantly, powered by a catalog of beautifully designed posts. And their plan gets better over time as our catalog grows and they make use of our ongoing recommendations.”

The Social Jazz catalog has posts covering holidays, special occasions, wellness, awareness months, everyday matters and more.  They are also creating catalogs tailored to specific industries using Subject Matter Experts in each to ensure content is valuable and on-point. For each ready-made post there are multiple image styles to choose from to suit any company’s brand. The real value, though, comes from combining the catalog of content with an effective plan.

“We’re tackling the planning aspect of social media marketing through automation.” Baccaro added. “It’s one of the more challenging tasks, so we’re making it easier.”This new service is the ideal solution for any business looking for an easy way to keep their social media lively with fresh content on a regular basis without having to do all the work themselves. And with a 14-day free trial and pricing plans starting at $199 per month, it’s a very affordable solution for any business.