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Just enter your website and get 12 months of social media content

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…then Social Jazz automatically creates a tailored social media presence so you

get and keep customers.

How it Works


Enter your website

Enter your website and Social Jazz will browse your website and research your industry, learning as much as possible to help create an effective social media plan.


Watch the magic

Using what it learned, Social Jazz will create a tailored social media plan and unique content for your company. Captions, hashtags, calls to action – all generated using your voice. It’s about content that screams ‘you’!


Post the results

Now just connect your social media accounts, and sit back. Social Jazz takes care of posting your unique content across the most popular social media platforms.

Of course, you always have full control.


Weekly summaries give you time in advance to review posts and make any changes. And you can add custom content anytime you want.

Neglecting social media is a silent killer for any business.

Whatever the reason — you don’t have the time to post, it’s too hard to come up with content, you don’t know what content works best, your budget is limited — If your social media is not helping your business tell your story, build your brand, engage your audience and acquire customers, you’re leaving revenue (and growth) on the table.

Social Jazz in 59 seconds

With Social Jazz your social media will be an advantage.

Increase Visibility

Active social media boosts your visibility — the average person spends 2+ hours each day on social media. You’ll get seen more.

Drive Engagement

Posting regular, relevant content, builds familiarity and trust in your brand, encouraging engagement and keeping you Top of mind.

Acquire Customers

Beat the competition. Top-of-mind means First-to-call when customers need your product or service.

Our goal is to make your brand shine.